Are you a customer Kansas City looking to purchase a Happy Food Co Meal Kit?

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Retail Meal Kit Platform

by Happy Food Co

Grocer Made

From the beginning of the meal kit craze, Happy Food Co. has partnered with retailers to offer a signature service that brings customers back into the store.

Now, we've built the first platform to enable innovative retailers to deliver the meal kit experience consumers really want - the freshest ingredients, best selection and available without a subscription from their favorite grocer they know and trust.

Are you a grocer or foodservice retailer ready to revolutionize the way your customers enjoy delicious, fresh cooked meals at home? Click below to receive a sample pack.

Our Vision

Partner with innovative grocers and retailers to power the best meal services. Anywhere.

Put Your Brand First

Private label Farm-to-Table meal kits from your customer’s local store they love and trust.

Drives Trips & Profitability

Bring customers into stores. Achieve 40%+ Net Margin after COGS, labor, and shrink.

Boost Loyalty

Guaranteed home cooking experiences that keep them coming back for more.

Market Verified

Over 75 market tested meals included in our turn-key platform to begin selling your customers the meal kit service they’ve been waiting for.